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Flower gift delivery

flowers & gifts

  • Roses

    1 rose - 4 POINTs
    3 roses - 5 POINTs
    5 roses - 8 POINTs
    11 roses - 16 POINTs
    15 roses - 17 POINTs

  • Flower Basket

    20 POINTs

  • Candies Raffaello

    4 POINTs

  • Candies Ferrero Rocher

    4 POINTs

  • Big Stuffed Animal

    13 POINTs

  • Small Stuffed Animal

    7 POINTs

  • Fruit Basket

    6 POINTs

  • A Cake

    6 POINTs


We deliver Flowers, Candies, Toys, Champaign, Cakes, and other. Place your order via lady's home page. You can choose any gift listed below and we will deliver it to your lady.

The gift is the romantic sign which shows your attitude to your darling.

Special Promotion

Easy English
10 POINTs Easy English! No books! Only listen and speak! One of the most popular audio-courses of English. Thirty lessons each lasting 30 minutes! Created for Ukraine-speaking people who want to learn English. Great present for your girl-friend to help her to learn the English language! Our established customers can get a discount up to 50%! Contact us if you want to order this gift. Contact us


Humorous Essays
Humorous Essays
3 POINTs the Humorous essays based on students' memories by Oleg Syedyshev, Hanuma Net Ltd. owner.

If your lady is interested in modern prose, or simply likes reading, you can order to send her this electronic version of humorous essays on CD, either in Ukraine or in English, or both. Essays are based on real facts. All the described cases of student life really had taken place. The author gives us an opportunity to enter the world, which is familiar and at the same time not familiar, to walk along the waves of memory, like through the history of Ukraine, which is smoothly interwoven into individual life stories.
Contact us if you want to order this gift.